We are in this together. That is our approach.

We are a dedicated team of efficient and innovative shipping people ready to help you cut expenses and optimize your business. At all times.


In Hafnia Management we keep optimizing the time your ship is at sea with cargo. That is only possible due to the large number of vessels in the Hafnia Management pool and our dynamic approach to the market. We have the necessary knowledge to explore alternative solutions to optimize our customers’ and partners’ results.

The extent of our pool gives us the possibility to perform ”triangulation optimization” meaning that we increase the laden and minimize ballast time – all of which improves efficiency. 


Other pools collect their commission before voyage costs are paid. We do the opposite. The Hafnia Management pool commission structure is based on net earnings (gross freight minus broker’s commissions, port expenses, bunker cost etc.) We get our commission when all expenses are paid.

As we said – we’re in this together.


Your earnings depend on your ship’s performance. Every day we track your vessels performance.

Within short time you can follow your ship’s performance 24/7 using our newly developed performance navigation. It will make it much easier for you to follow your vessel’s earnings on a daily basis.


The safety of the ship crews and the protection of the environment is of the utmost importance to us. The vessels in our pool are all double hulled product tankers and all are verified and approved by our customers and international standards.

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