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As a market-leading pool in the MR (Medium Range) segment Hafnia Management is a dedicated and reliable provider of services regarding both spot market, contracts of affreightment and time charter employment.

Whereas our Handy Pool is a relative new-comer to the market, Hafnia Management staff possesses both the experience and segment specific know-how to ensure operations will be performed at the highest level.

  • 24/7 commercial and operational attention, via staff and offices in Asia, Europe, and soon USA

  • General marketing of the pool fleet

  • Research of the Product Tankers market

  • Chartering in the spot markets

  • Covering also the period markets, both Time Charter and

  • Contracts of Affreightment

  • Freight Future Agreements (FFA) is executed by Hafnia Freight

  • Port and Canal Agent’s appointments and Disbursement handling performed via DA Desk

  • Bunker fuel procurement – qualitative/competitive by economy of scale

  • Voyage and period related income recovery

  • Performance tracking and evaluation of each vessels daily performance

  • Pool accounting and administration

  • Pool earning distribution, and cash management of working capital.

  • ‘Executive Pool Board’ as well as ‘Technical and Operational Committee’ meetings twice/year

  • Regular ‘Audit Committee’ internal meetings - transparency/open books

  • Fully audited accounts by independent Auditors

  • External legal advisors    


Phone: +45 3369 9000

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