Hafnia Management operates product tanker vessels in the MR (Medium Range) and Handy segment.

We strive to keep our business efficient, fair and transparent.

Hafnia Management is a person-to-person shipping company.

Our main goal is to optimize your vessel’s employment while keeping expenses low.

Due to the large amount of vessels in the pool and our dynamic approach to the market we optimize the time your ship is at sea. We are always keen to explore our costumer’s new ideas and challenges.


In Hafnia Management we have a substantial fleet of tankers. Take a look at our fleet list and see, what we have to offer.

Our position list shows the current position of the next open vessels. Click below to see the complete position list.

Hafnia Management A/S
Tuborg Boulevard 5
DK-2900 Hellerup
Phone: +45 3369 9000
CVR: 32 66 62 21
DUNS: 30 51 38 96 2
LR1 pool:

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