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18. Jan 2021
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  Vessel NameICEIMODWTCBMBuiltOpenDTDProj. Pos.Proj. Pos. DateProj. Pos. 2Proj. Pos. 2 DateLast 3 cargoes
Hafnia GreenS 339.80842.2122007Amsterdam1. Apr  nap/ulsd/ulsd
Hafnia Sunda 1B2/339.06742.5062015Gavle2. Apr  ulsd/ulsd/ulsd
Hafnia Torres 1B2/339.06742.5062016Thames2. Apr  ulsd/ulsd/ulsd
Sikinos 1A337.62041.6142006Gavle7. Apr  fo/fo/fo
Nordic Amy  337.75941.8272009Lebanon3. Apr  ums/nap/jet
Hafnia HopeS 339.80442.2342007Misurata4. Apr  ums/ums/go
VS Spirit  334.67138.0512007Dos Bocas9. AprHouston11. AprLOA 171ums/ums/reformate
Boxer  2/349.99953.5002019Rosarito8. AprUSWC10. Apr ums/ums+ulsd/go
BW Panther  2/349.99952.9322014if Los Angeles13. AprUSWC13. Apr alky/nap/jet
BW WrenS/B 2/349.99952.9382016Port Elizabeth26. MarFujairah10. Apr ulsd+jet+ums/ulsd/ulsd
BulldogS 2/349.99953.9302020Chittagong29. MarSikka4. Apr jet+go/jet/Virgin
BW Tiger  2/349.99952.9372014Fujairah31. Mar  ums/ums/ums
BW FalconS 2/349.99952.9212015Dar Es Salaam31. Mar  ums/tame+ums/ulsd
Sanmar Songbird   47.09452.4092003Fujairah2. Apr  ums/go+lco+logbs/go
BW LeopardS 2/349.99952.9292014Dhuba3. Apr  go/ums/ums
Kouros  2/349.99953.5272008Adelaide5. AprSingapore17. Apr ulsd+ums/ulsd+ums/ulsd
Dee4 Dogwood   47.39952.4672008Singapore8. Apr  jet/nap/ums
BW CheetahS 2/349.99952.9372014Zhoushan9. Apr  nap/ums/go
Hafnia Andrea  2/349.99954.0822015Chiba12. Apr  clean cond/ulsd/ums
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