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16. Oct 2019
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  Vessel NameICEIMODWTCBMBuiltOpenDTDProj. Pos.Proj. Pos. DateProj. Pos. 2Proj. Pos. 2 DateLast 3 cargoes
Nordic Hanne  238.39543.4442010Rotterdam16. Oct  nap/go/go
Hafnia TorresS1B2/339.06742.5062016Amsterdam18. Oct  ref/ulsd/ulsd
Hafnia Victoria  339.82142.2182007Hamburg19. Oct  fo/fo/fo
Celsius PalermoS/B  49.99859.1232010ARA for orders ex ECC19. OctUKC19. Oct ums/ums/ums
Hafnia HopeS 339.80442.2342007Avonmouth21. Oct  jet/ums+ nap/ref + lcn + ums
Hafnia Malacca 1B2/339.06742.5062015Mersin16. Oct  ulsd/ulsd/ums
Hafnia Soya 1B2/339.06742.5062015Zawia21. Oct  ums/ulsd/ulsd
FSL SingaporeB1A 47.47051.1982006ECA off Houston ex Tuxpan16. OctUSG17. Oct ulsd/ulsd/hsd+ulsd
BW PetrelB 2/349.99952.9002016USG for orders ex Brazil19. OctUSG19. Oct nap/jet/go
Himalaya  349.93653.9362011Paranagua22. OctUSG11. NovUKC11. Novums/ums/ums
Hafnia Lene  2/349.99953.4482015La Libertad14. OctUSWC25. OctBalboa16. Octums/ums/cond
Hafnia TaurusS 2/350.38556.6442011Rosarito21. OctUSWC21. Oct ulsd+ums/ulsd/um
Hafnia Pegasus  2/349.99956.6442010Sikka16. Oct  Reformate+Naptha/Go+JET/JET+go
Hafnia Lotte  2/349.99953.4482017Hamriyah16. Oct  ULSD/ums/ums
Orient Challenge  349.97253.0272017Sudan18. Oct  jet/ulsd/nap
BW BobcatS 2/349.99952.9272014Taichung16. Oct  go/ums+go/ums
BoxerS 2/349.99953.5002019Vung Tau18. Oct  go/go/go
Hafnia Leo  2/349.99956.6002013Shen-Ao19. Oct  jet/ulsd/go
BW OspreyS/B 2/349.99952.8422015bss Ulsan20. Oct  go/sbo/ulsd+alky
BW Swift  2/349.99952.9382016Onsan21. Oct  nap/ums+base oils/ulsd+jet
Kouros  2/349.99953.5272008Broome23. Oct  ulsd/ulsd/ulsd
Hafnia Mikala  2/349.99953.4482017Bataan24. Oct  go/ulsd+jet/go
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